Founded in March 2017, Sigmas of Southern Arizona (SOSA) was created for three main reasons: 1) support historically black fraternities and sororities; 2) support the underserved; and 3) support youth through scholarships and mentoring.

SOSA’s previous initiatives include the BluPhi Ride Assistance program, which SOSA created in 2017 to provide safe cab rides to bar patrons. In 2017-18, SOSA obtained housing for eight homeless veterans in the Tucson area. Since its inception, SOSA continues to partner with local organizations to provide nonprofit business development services.

Christopher baker
board of directors
San Jose State University, 1989
board of directors
Delaware State University, 1994
Lydia Baker
board of directors
Cal. Baptist, 2012
Perry Harris
board of directors
University of Nevada, LV, 1999

Our Mission

To become one of the preeminent philanthropic organizations in the Greater Southern Arizona and Phoenix areas devoted to promoting educational access, economic empowerment, healthy lifestyles, and civic engagement.

To mentor youth and young adults, help improve their quality of life and advance their charitable, educational and career development.

To provide services and resources to other community service organizations needing assistance to accomplish their mission.