homeless housing

A 2020 annual count found 3,767 homeless people in Maricopa County. That is 3,767 people too many. Behind that number are individual people suffering in the blistering heat of Arizona with empty stomachs and bruised hearts and minds. 

SoSA cannot accommodate every unhoused individual, but we can do our part with our Phoenix based community center. The community center has a studio to support one or two previously unhoused individuals.

SoSA participates in the SSVF/HUD Landlord program to support needy individuals participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, also called Section 8. 

We give preference to veterans and people aging out of the foster care system, but we are open to providing housing to any needy individual who will fit well with our program.

As of July 2021, we have placed a previously homeless individual into our furnished studio at a reduced rent, complying with Section 8 regulations. With this personalized program, we can provide extra resources including a fully furnished apartment, food support, reduced utility bills, and referrals to other resources. 

Most of all, we can provide hope and refuge from a desperate situation.

SoSA is proud to be part of the solutions against homelessness in Phoenix!